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Driver Crash

What to Do in a Crash

Bike crashes happen in the blink of an eye. 

Bike crashes can range from minor cuts and bruises to severe injuries. Whichever type of bike crash you are in; whether you are alone, with another bicycle, a pedestrian, or a car, you should be prepared for how to handle the situation safely and confidently so that you follow the proper procedures in the safest manner possible.

This step-by-step guide is to help keep yourself, others, and your bike protected in the event of a crash.

1. Stay Calm and Slow Down

  • Move off the Road if possible to make sure you and your bike are safely out of danger. 

  • If you cannot move, try to yell, make noise, and attract attention so that other cars are aware an accident has occurred. 

  • Do NOT get back on your bike immediately, assess yourself. 

2. Check yourself for injuries

  • Check yourself for any cuts, scrapes, broken bones, lots of blood, a concussion, or other injuries. 

  • If you have any severe injuries, call emergency services to get proper medical attention. 

    • If you are unable to bear weight or move your arms, legs, etc. then you should call emergency services. 

3. See if anyone saw the crash

  • Get details from the driver involved in the dispute (if the accident involved a vehicle), bystanders, other cyclists, etc. 

  • This will be helpful information if the crash was serious enough for emergency services to be called. 


      • Get the license plate number of the car, the driver's name, contact information, insurance, and the names of passengers in the vehicle.

4. Take photos of your injuries and the state of your bike

  • This is important to do if legal action needs to be taken.

5. Check your bike

  • Is your bike in rideable condition? 

  • Is anything lost or missing that would cause injury if you get back on your bicycle? 

  • If your injuries are minor, your bike is in operable condition, and emergency services were not called, bike to your location safely. 

6. Get Legal Guidance if Necessary

  • If your injuries were due to unsafe bicycling or motorist practices, please seek legal guidance.  They will be able to help you move forward with the aftermath of the accident and determine if legal action must be taken. 


  • Report your crash on our website so that we can help other cyclists be aware of the dangers of the area. 

  • We are able to compile the crashes to help advocate for more bike-friendly streets and "share the road" signs. 

  • Report your crash by clicking HERE

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