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The Summer Bike Challenge is ON!

Looking to reach a new fitness goal this summer? Join the CNHBC Community on Strava to gain access to suggested routes, ride challenges, and more! Strava is a GPS-tracking fitness app that helps individuals reach their goals. This app will track your mileage, map your routes, and analyze your ride all for free!

Starting in July CNHBC will be sponsoring a weekly Strava challenge! Each week we will post a riding challenge. At the end of the week, we will randomly select a prize winner from the top 3 riders who lead the category. The prize for week 1 will be a pair of cycling socks!

Invite your friends and family and join us in some friendly competition in the cycling community!

To Join the club/Strava:

1. Download the Strava app on your smartphone and create an account (don’t worry it’s free)

2. Search for the “Central New Hampshire Bike Coalition” or tap the link below.

3. Join the club and start riding!

Post your pictures of your rides too! Get featured on our website and show our community all of the cycling adventures possible around NH!

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