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The June CommuteSmart Challenge is ON!

Tired of driving to work, sitting in traffic, and of course finding the dreaded parking spot? Us too. That's why we are excited to start riding our bikes to work for a happier and healthier commute.

The Official Logo for the June CommuteSmart Statewide Challenge

What is the CommuteSmart Challenge?

CommuteSmart NH is challenging the entire state of NH to "commute smarter" for the whole month of June. Companies throughout the Granite State can sign their business to be a part of the challenge by emailing if your business has not signed up yet. If your place of work is already signed up, then it's time to start logging your rides!

How does it work?

Once your company is signed up as a "team" for the CommuteSmart challenge, then you can create a RideShare NH account and connect to your team. Once connected, you can start logging your CommuteSmart trips to work!

Challenge Awards:

For this June Challenge, there are two award categories: Most Sustainable Trips and Most Social Media Buzz. For the "Most Sustainable Trips" award, this will be determined by the ratio of workers in your company commuting smart. The "Most Social Media Buzz" award will go to the company with the most people sharing via social media about their smart commute.

Details for the June CommuteSmart Challenge can be found here:

Good Luck and happy biking!

#Cycle603 #MorePeopleOnBikesMoreOften

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