Throughout the year, we host events to help put more people on bikes more often. We also work around the clock to advocate for bike safety through policies and local infrastructure.  We have teamed up with Bike Walk Alliance of NH, community organizations, police departments, and government agencies, to continue to make New Hampshire bike friendly and safe for its residents and visitors. Help us continue to get more people on bikes more often by joining us and coming to local events. 


We advocate for better bike infrastructure and policy that will help us reach these goals. Through advocacy, we strive to increase the number of bike lanes and bike infrastructure in Central NH so that more people are confident both on and off the road. 


We've teamed up with numerous local businesses to show that everyone benefits from having more peoples on bikes.  Members of CNHBC will be eligible for exclusive discounts at these local shops. Check out all of the benefits of joining CNHBC and become a member today! 


We work with community organizations, government agencies, and more to spread awareness of the importance of bike safety. We educate individuals on the rules of the road, safe bicycling practices, their rights as a cyclist, and what to do in the event of a crash. 


We strive to meet the needs of our community members. We can only do this if we hear input and pressing issues regarding bike safety and education from you.  Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at cnhbc@info.org.


We don't just advocate for cyclist rights and better infrastructure - we create a biking community.  CNHBC organizes group rides so that bike enthusiasts can meet people with the same interests all while getting a ride in. 


CNHBC hosts events throughout the year.  Most notably, is our annual Bike Swap held in May. Some of our other events include Bike Rodeos, Bike Valets throughout the Concord area, Film Festivals and more. 


296 S Maint Street Concord, NH 03301

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CNHBC is an Affiliate of Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire