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Our Executive Team. 

We all share one thing in common. We love bikes, bike safety, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Felice Janelle

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Felice is a lifelong cyclist who is making her second appearance on the CNHBC board – she also served on the Executive board from 2011-2014. She has been a staple at the annual Bike Swap for many years, often soliciting and organizing volunteers. Felice enjoys road cycling, mountain biking and touring in New Hampshire and Maine. When not cycling, she can be found hiking, downhill skiing, or cross-country skiing. She is employed as a scientist for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Service’s Air Resources Division.

Susanne Kibler-Hacker


Vice Chair

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Tim Farmer

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Tim Farmer is a life-long resident of the Concord, New Hampshire area who has been lucky enough to have the same great job since he was 13 years old.  Tim began his career in the retail sporting goods industry working at S&W Sports, a small bike shop in Concord.  He swept floors, removed the trash, and cleaned and assisted building bikes.  He worked hard, learning every day but he was also getting paid and he loved his job.  Tim committed to staying at S&W, working alongside the owners and fellow employees, gaining knowledge in all aspects of the business.

Robert Baker

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Board Member

Robert has been cycling for as long as he can remember and living in several bicycle friendly cities of North America. He rides year round to get groceries, books at the library, mail at the post office, to work, volunteer, shop, attend meetings and appointments. With several bikes in “the shed” to choose from he continues to explore opportunities for pedal powered transportation. He advocates for improved cycling infrastructure in Concord, NH and beyond. When he's not working, cycling or sharing bicycling he may be fixing things, open source computing, studying and thinking about sustainable community and biophysical economics, kayaking, playing music, reading or hanging out with his daughter.  
Equity in transportation advocate and editor of:

Bo Peterson

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Bo has been a lifelong biker. These days, most of Bo’s biking revolves around road biking for both exercise and stress relief.  Bo also enjoys biking on the rail trail and doing errands on his “nerd-bike” which is equipped to allow him to do errands.  Bo grew up in Sweden where biking is a normal mode of transportation to get to school, work, etc.  Bo hopes that with time this area gets proper biking infrastructure to allow everyone to enjoy safe and relaxed biking and allow people to view biking as an alternative mode of transportation.  Prior to joining the CNHBC board, Bo thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the Recycled Cycles program where he could spend his time fixing old bikes for people in need.  Bo is the Director of Engineering Services for Cornerstone Commissioning, Inc. which provides consulting services for laboratory, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities throughout the country.

Craig Tufts



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Deandra Perruccio


Board Member

Deandra remembers biker gang rides to the general store using the classic “sneaker break”, the thrill of dipping into the “giant” chute off the dirt pile in the gravel pit for the first time and still smiles like a 10-year-old on downhills. She doesn’t own Lycra, has never clipped into a pedal, and loves cruising on her bike around town, on rail trails, and for the super short commute to work. Her message to all those “interested but nervous” cyclists- JOIN US! Yes, it can still be as fun as you remember! Deandra hopes to help build energy, and most importantly, action on much needed cycling infrastructure as a method of economic and quality of life development, healthy living, environmental sustainability, traffic reduction, young resident retention and attraction and on and on and on, and sees huge potential for cycling of all types in Central NH. 

Tim Blagden

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Board Member

I work full time to improve bicycle infrastructure, policy and funding in NH. I’m board president of the Friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail. I’m a member of the Complete Streets Advisory Committee at NH Dept of Transportation, the Statewide Trail Advisory Committee at NH Bureau of Trails, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Commission at the Department of Safety, and represent Warner at Central NH Regional Planning Commission’s Transportation Advisory Committee. I was the Executive Director of the Bike-Walk Alliance of NH for 3 years. I ride bikes with my family mostly on rail trails and roads. 

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