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Advocacy Toolkit

Are you ready to help grow bicycling in your community? Do you want to see your community become more bike-friendly and accessible? If so, check out our Advocacy Toolkit! This guide is broken down into two parts, Education and Advocacy.  The Education section discusses cyclist rights, signaling, what to do in a crash, and how to host a bike safety clinic.  The toolkit will walk you through how to run both an adult and child bike safety clinic. The advocacy section focuses on the current NH laws affecting bicycles and how to create your own Call to Action and begin to see change in your community. This section will discuss our current advocacy focuses (Complete Streets, Bike Friendly Communities, and Rail Trail growth). We also provide advice and planners on how to create a Call to Action and an Advocacy Plan so that you can create positive impactful change in your community efficiently and effectively.  

We hope you enjoy this guide and are able to become an advocate of better bicycling for your community. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on how to become a community bicycle ambassador please contact us at

Click on the picture below to access the toolkit!

Advocacy toolkit.png
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